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Never get caught short with our portable products

Portable Toilet Kit


Our multi-use toilet gives you the freedom to travel. The frame can be used multiple times and eventually is recyclable, the bag system is designed for one off use but can be used multiple times once set up - it's simple and smell free and the best bit is there is no cleaning! No need to find public toilets or being concerned over hygiene - this is your own personal toilet. Complete the kit with the privacy tent and you truely have your butt covered.

Pocket Toilet


Our super compact, bag based device is perfect for day trips and adventures. It's small enough to pop into your day bag, which means you'll never be caught short.

Instant Privacy Tent


Keep your 'business' private with our light weight and portable pop up tent. Toileting, showering and changing. We have your butt covered, literally!

Portable Toilet Refill Pack


Choose a Refill Pack of either 4, 6 or 8 to top up your Portable Toilet Kit. All pack contents are housed in a handy reusable black bag.

Emergency Toilet Kit


Everything you need for toileting when Mother Nature hits. Waste bags, super absorbent powder, disposal bags and even toilet paper and antibacterial hand wipes. Just arrived back in stock 1st April.