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Portable Toilet Kit

Forget about public toilets or cutting your outdoor excursion short…this kit contains everything you need for a toilet on the go – portable, light, compact, strong, comfortable and smell free! Complete the kit with the ‘Caught Short Privacy Tent’ and you will truely have your butt covered.

The Portable Toilet Kit contains a specially designed cardboard toilet frame that can hold up to 120kgs and 4, 6 or 8 refill packs. Each Refill Pack contains a waste bag, a liquid and odour absorbing powder sachet that dissolves on contact with liquids, toilet paper, a smell-free silver disposal bag and even an antibacterial hand wipe. Meaning this is a complete toilet solution – there is nothing else needed.

Perfect for your camper van, car, truck, or emergency kit, beach trip to ensure you are never #caughtshort.

Please note we can not ship to a Post Office or Private Bag Address.


Expand the portable toilet.


Insert each seat tab into the base slots.


Toilet complete.


Place the black bag into the toilet and the clever powder sachet into the bag. No need to open the sachet.


After use, place toilet paper in the bag and remove excess air. Tie or roll the top and stuff into a silver disposal bag.


Remove excess air and securely seal the silver bag. Place the silver bag into a rubbish bin for disposal.

Instructional Video

Watch the video below on how to use the portable toilet kit

Portable Toilet Kit

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Portable Toilet Kit


Our multi-use toilet gives you the freedom to travel. The frame can be used multiple times and eventually is recyclable, the bag system is designed for one off use but can be used multiple times once set up – it’s simple and smell free and the best bit is there is no cleaning! No need to find public toilets or being concerned over hygiene – this is your own personal toilet. Complete the kit with the privacy tent and you truely have your butt covered.

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