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Common Questions

Why should I care?
No-one wants to come across someone else's business. It is unhygienic, smelly and unsightly. At Caught Short we want to inspire everyone to feel proud to leave nothing behind but footprints.
Can I really throw my used bag in the rubbish bin?
Yes. We designed our products to be triple layered - the black waste bag, absorbent powder that also digests the waste and the silver smell proof disposal bag. We hope to encourage this same system for dog waste and nappies.
Are these made in NZ?
We take great pride in the fact that we chose to design and manufacture in NZ as much as possible, but still ensuring we are providing affordable products. Some products like the powder sachets are not found in NZ and we source them off shore. At the moment the toilets are put together in beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand.
What is the powder?
It is a special blend of enzymes, good bacteria and an absorbent polymer - all safe to handle and super great at taking care of your business! The Pee Powder sachet is slightly different as it only contains the absorbent polymer. It takes about 60seconds for the powder to fully absorb the liquids - most of this time is the sachet film breaking down.
How come I don't need to open the sachet?
It has a very clever dissolvable film that breaks down on contact with liquids. The film ensures the correct dose and keeps the powder from spilling.
Why not biodegradable bags?
The plastics question is a complicated one. In short biodegradable bags have a short shelf life and we could risk bag failure if we used them. At Caught Short we are determined to ensure positive outcomes for our environment and will always adapt as new technologies are available. We strive to use the best practise and encourage everyone to create a litter free culture to prevent waste getting into our precious waterways.

Portable Toilet Questions

What weight can the toilet hold?
We recommend the toilet for users up to 120kgs. So they are pretty strong. The unique design with the tabs on the seat ensures that it holds its shape and the weight is distributed over the strongest part of the toilet.
How long will the toilet last?
It is designed to be strong and robust but it is cardboard. If you treat it well it will last for months. I have a toilet that is over a year old and has been opened and used more than I would expect the toilets to last - with some help from some fabric tape on two joins it is still going strong!
How many times can I use one bag?
If you use the toilet for pee you can go a couple of times. Everyone and every time is different though so discretion is needed to not overload the waste bag. We recommend a maximum of 2 powder sachets per black waste bag and about 4 pees. However, we recommend when used for poo that the bag is closed and sealed in the silver disposal bag. Our Booster Pack allows you to maximise the use for pee.

Pocket Toilet Questions

When do these come in handy?
Just about anywhere. Tramping toilets are often never where you need one and holding on to make it to one is not comfortable or good for you. These are so simple, clean and small. They fit in your pack with ease or your glove box. The uses are endless - hunting, boating, tramping, kids, fishing, cars, emergencies. Anywhere where space is at a premium.
How many do I need?
The Pocket Toilet is a one use item. It can hold No.1's and No.2's. The Pocket Toilet is principally designed for No.2's. as that is most undesirable in the environment. If you are on a one day tramp we would recommend two Pocket Toilets. But it really depends on where you are going and if there are toilets along the way. This may be used as a deliberate toilet stop or just in case you can't make it to the known toilets on your planned trip.
I'll be tramping for a week. Will these smell in my bag?
As long as you follow the instructions and use all the items included it will not smell. Some care needs to be taken to firmly press the seal on the silver bag to seal securely. And of course do not drop your bag or sit on your bag for obvious reasons!
Is it really that simple?
This is a different concept but it really is very comfortable, clean and simple. The back of the bag provides lots of privacy as well as good cover for the business end! Its fast to set up - pull it out, tie around your waist and pull up between your legs and tie off again if you need to use your hands to balance/support yourself to squat.
Why not just dig a hole?
For high use areas this is not acceptable and the reality is not many carry a spade and in some areas you could not dig a hole if you wanted to due to the nature of the land. The Pocket Toilet takes care of everything and you leave knowing you are leaving nothing behind but footprints.
How many times can I use the bag?
Once - this system is principally designed for poo and is designed for a one off use.
Size and Weight?
Size is approximately 14cm by 10cm by 2-3cm thick. It is slightly soft and that is why the thickness can vary. Weight is 60grams.

Privacy Tent Questions

When might I use this?
Anywhere when there is no privacy. Small camper vans, boating, family road trips, at the beach. The tent pops up in seconds and provides somewhere to toilet, change or shower.
How easy are these to fold away?
We researched and tested our instructions to make them as clear as possible. Sometimes the metal rods play tricks and just need a light shake and so we have added some tips and tricks to our website and a video if you're really stuck. Once you have got it, it is really simple.
Why is there no floor?
We wanted to make sure the tent was multi use so that it could be used for showering. We also added a double zip so you can hang a bag shower and bring the nozzle through the double zip near the top of the door.

Refill Pack Questions

How many do I need?
We recommend two per day but it really depends on how you travel and what your needs are. Is this your main toilet? Emergency toilet? Is there a toilet where you are staying overnight? Maybe you need the bathroom at night and don't want to walk through the dark? We all have very different toilet styles but it's always better to be prepared. We recommend two Refill Packs per day but if this is your only toilet you may need more.
What is the difference between the Emergency Toilet and Refill Pack?
The packs are the same but the Emergency Toilet Kit includes a Booster Pack and the instructions are different. The instructions for the Emergency Toilet Kit show how to use the bag system in home and the Booster Pack was added as generally in an Emergency this will be your only toilet for a few days.

Emergency Toilet Kit Questions

How many do I need?
We recommend one pack per person. This means each person has two packs to use per day and will last three days. If you are a family this will work well and may last longer than three days. If you are on your own you may require more, as there will be no sharing for pee!
What happens if my toilet is not able to be used?
This is where a Portable Toilet Kit is handy. You can use any sort of toilet with our waste bags like a bucket but we felt the most common issue is that the water and sewerage is not functioning in an Emergency.