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Pocket Toilet

Your toilet for on the move. The Pocket Toilet is a bag-based toilet system that fits in your pocket.

The Pocket Toilet pack contains a specially shaped waste bag, a liquid and odour absorbing powder sachet that dissolves on contact with liquids, toilet paper, a smell free silver disposal bag and even an antibacterial hand wipe. Making this a complete toilet solution so there is nothing else needed.

Perfect to fit in your day pack, glove box or emergency kit to ensure you are never #caughtshort.

Please note we can not ship to a Post Office or Private Bag Address.


Open black bag and drop dissolvable powder sachet into the bottom. No need to open the sachet.


Tie bag around your waist and pull front up between legs and tie off using the holes.


After use, place toilet paper in the bag and remove excess air. Tie or roll the top and stuff into the silver disposal bag.


Remove excess air and seal securely. Place in rubbish bin for disposal.

Pocket Toilet

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Pocket Toilet


Our super compact, bag based device is perfect for day trips and adventures. It’s small enough to pop into your day bag, which means you’ll never be caught short.

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