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Emergency Toilet Kit

The Caught Short Emergency Kit is designed to work in your home over your existing toilet. It is a temporary solution in a disaster. Each kit should last one person at least four days. The kit can be used for both No1’s and No2’s. It can be used all day long or for overnight when it may be difficult to get to a temporary toilet.

The Caught Short Emergency Kit includes 8 Refill Packs and 1 Bonus Pack.

Each Refill Pack includes a black waste bag, 1 powder sachet, toilet paper, 1 hand wipe and 1 disposal bag.

The Bonus Pack includes 10 extra powder sachets.

This is for use at home over your existing toilet.

Please note we can not ship to a Post Office or Private Bag Address.


Remove any water from your toilet cistern & bowl, by turning water off and flush or empty the cistern & bowl by hand.


Open one refill pack and find black waste bag and powder sachet.


Lift Toilet seat, place black bag in toilet bowl and over the sides, lower toilet seat, drop powder sachet in waste bag = ready for business.


If using for pee add an extra powder sachet as required. We recommend closing the bag after a poo.


After use place all waste (paper and hand wipe) in bag. Remove excess air and tie or roll the top and stuff into the silver disposal bag. Up to two bags can fit in the silver bag (depending on use).


Remove any excess air again and securely seal the silver bag. Place in a rubbish bin.

Emergency Toilet Kit

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Emergency Toilet Kit


Everything you need for toileting when Mother Nature hits. Waste bags, super absorbent powder, disposal bags and even toilet paper and antibacterial hand wipes. Just arrived back in stock 1st April.

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