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Booster Pack

This is a handy addition to your Caught Short Toilet Kits and Packs.

Each Booster Pack contains: 2 extra black waste bags, 5 white pee powder sachets and 5 antibacterial hand wipes.

Each powder sachet will absorb around 400 – 500 mls of liquid. An average pee is 200mls but everyone and every time is different. Use discretion but we recommend a maximum of 2 sachets per black bag to avoid overloading the bag. No one wants a mess!

Use with the Portable Toilet Kits, Refill Packs and Emergency Toilets. Extra powder, black waste bags and hand wipes ensure you can use each bag to its potential when using the toilet for No.1’s (pee).

Please note we can not ship to a Post Office or Private Bag Address.


After setting up the Portable Toilet (sold separately). Add extra powder sachet for multiple No.1 use. Approx. 2 pee’s per sachet or 400mls.


After use, place toilet paper in the bag. Remove excess air. Tie or roll the top and stuff into the silver disposal bag (sold in Refill Pack). Up to 2 bags can be added to each disposal bag.


Remove excess air and seal securely. Place in the rubbish bin.

Booster Pack

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Booster Pack


Extra waste bags, powder and hand wipes help you get the most out of your Portable Toilet Kits, Refill Packs and Emergency Kits.

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